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Fall 2012 Courses

This list is intended to help MBG students select electives.  It is not meant to  be a comprehensive list, but includes those suitable classes of which the program director has been made aware.  Classes designated (MP) meet on the Monroe Park campus.  Students should check the course descriptions or contact course directors for prerequisites.  Courses with an asterisk (*) are part of the MBG core curriculum.

 BIOC  503*  Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology  5 cr 

 BIOC  604   Enzymology  3 cr   

 BIOC 691   Special Topics: Critical Thinking  1 cr

 BIOS  543   Statistical Methods I  3 cr

 BNFO 601   Integrated Bioinformatics  3 cr (MP)

 BNFO 691  Special Topics: Biology & Applications of Stem Cells  3 cr (MP)

 BNFO 591  Special Topics: Genomics & Proteomics  2 cr (MP)

 HGEN 501   Introduction to Human Genetics 3 cr   

 HGEN 614   Pathogenesis of Human Genetics 3 cr  

 HGEN 610  Current Literature in Human Genetics 1 cr 

 HGEN 691   Special Topics: Classic Papers in Human Genetics 1 cr

 IBMS  600*  Laboratory Safety  1 cr    

 MICR  505   Immunobiology  3 cr 

 MICR  510*  Scientific Integrity  1 cr   

 MICR  515    Principles of Molecular Microbiology  3 cr     

 MICR  605*   Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics  3 cr

 MICR  607*  Techniques in Molecular Biology & Genetics  2 cr

 NEUS 609   Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience  4 cr

 PHIS  617    Cellular Signaling  3 cr